About Us


Rapid Wear is a fitness apparel brand, manufacturer and online retailer based in Australia.

Created in 2017 by Emma Hartley, 21 years old at the time,

“I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do after school, I had this idea of a gym wear brand, I didn't think it was possible but then i decided to give it a go and it turned into my full-time job. I have worked extremely hard for the last 2 years and done it all on my own with no staff. I am finally at the stage of moving into a warehouse where I will have staff members to help me out. Creating new styles and seeing happy customers is so rewarding and I enjoy every part of my job.”

Rapid Wear has grown from a business run at home to a warehouse with staff and growing stock every month. This growth comes from the motivation of one person putting hard work and a lot of time into creating gym wear that people will love and an expanding social media.

Anything is possible.

CEO: Emma Hartley

Rapid wear, established June 10th 2017.

I want to create clothing that is up to date with the latest styles , high quality but yet affordable.